Olly Murs Still Wants to Be Your Pop Music Boyfriend

Olly can see you!

You might remember that last summer, I praised the pop music powers of Olly Murs, a cute British lad who mixes naughty boy swagger with puppy dog charm. (In other words, he might grab your butt in an elevator, but he’d wink at you after, and your heart would start racing.)

Well, since then, Olly Murs has continued to rules the charts in the U.K., but he hasn’t quite goosed America’s secret bits.

Until now. MAYBE.

Because this week, Olly’s song “Troublemaker” (featuring the ubiquitous Flo Rida) debuts on the Hot 100 at #87. That’s already better than he did with the delicious “Heart Skips a Beat,” so it’s possible we Yanks will give Olly some love. Let’s make it happen, y’all! Let’s make “Troublemaker” a hit!

Mark Blankenship would let Olly Murs nibble his earlobe. He tweets as @IAmBlankenship.