Olympic Moment(s) of the Day: Female Athletes Kick Ass, Literally

Don't get Edith Bosch angry.

Recent bronze medal-winner Edith Bosch kicked some literal ass today. The Dutch judo champion was sitting behind a more-than-rude spectator who yelled a slew of nasty things at runner Usain Bolt (who later won gold) and threw a bottle at Bolt right as the race started. Edith, appalled, did what everyone always does in their wildest dreams: she beat the guy up, right before he was escorted out. You go, girl!

Other things you may have missed:

  • People have been throwing some serious shade about Gabby Douglas’s hair (why???). Gabby’s response? She doesn’t care what you think, why would she, she’s a 16-year-old girl who just made history and can also move her body in ways you wouldn’t even be able to comprehend had you not seen it on TV. Duh.
  • The American flag fell down awkwardly when Serena Williams received her medal this week. It’s okay, Serena was humble and just grateful to be getting an award. It’s no biggie.