Omarosa gay-baits on “Celebrity Apprentice” — and gets fired

I don’t know if anyone is actually watching The Celebrity Apprentice or not (thankfully, I’m not!), but I was surfing around the web when I came across this clip from last night’s episode wherein Omarosa "accused" fellow contestant Piers Morgan of being in the closet. Her proof? That Piers (separated from his wife and the father of three children) had had two fellow contestants appear shirtless in a boxing ad from earlier in the season. Um, okay.

Her motivation? Well, she is Omarosa and in a previous episode she had used Morgan’s less than stable family life to try and rattle him. Subsequently, he referred to her as "one of the most venomous poisons", a "disgusting little tramp", and an
"irrelevant, ghastly little creature". Don’t hold back there, Piers!

Here is the clip of Omarosa’s "accusation", Donald Trump’s response and the subsequent events:

Forgetting Omarosa (who more than anything doesn’t want to be forgotten), what really got me was the presumably heterosexual Trace Adkins’ reaction when Morgan kisses him on the cheek as a joke. He seriously goes all wobbly because he got a peck from a man? Some big, strapping cowboy he is. His hold on his masculinity must be fragile indeed if that causes him to clutch his head and moan.

And I love how Donald had to explain it was a joke and to tell Adkins to think about it for a moment to understand Morgan’s point. Adkin’s reaction and confusion makes his first number one single, "(This Ain’t) No Thinkin’ Thing" seem more like his theme song.

And Adkin’s juvenile reaction deserves a juvenile response!

Piers Morgan, Trace Adkins together forever