OMAs: Shangela (Death) Drops by the Dance Marathon!

Girls Gone Wild? MTV's McKenna and Drag Race diva Shangela are busting some world records. BACK UP!

What do you need to hear when you’ve been dancing non-stop for the last 18 hours? Maybe a “You can do it!” cheer? Or “Keep on movin’, you’re amazing!” Or perhaps: “Turn it! Bump it! Crunk it! Thump it!”????

NO. What you really need to hear when you’re short of breath, cotton-mouthed and trying to decide if your next delirious sleep-deprived move is the running man or the chicken dance is… “HALLELOO!!!!!”

And for that very reason, we sent the star of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 and 3 to visit with the prancing youngsters participating right now (AS YOU READ THIS) in the big O Music Awards attempt at breaking the World Record for Longest Dance Party!!!! Yes, Queens. Much like entertainers visiting our military troops overseas, Ms. Shangela has flown in to the Roxy on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood to serve us some T straight from the dance-party trenches.


Meanwhile, get into Shangela’s report as she visits with DJ Diamond Kuts, MTV hostess McKenna, cute choreographer Joseph Corella and VH1 producer and Drag-Ya-Later host Jon Mallow! It’s cute! And Shangie is a TV-reporting dream! Watch out Christiane Amanpour. This bitch is coming for you.



FYI, this whole dance-party marathon event is a fundraiser to heighten awareness about the bullying of LGBT kids in school. Get more to find out how you can help, donate and make a difference.

And to get the full O Music Awards effect, head to their site, where you can watch the kids getting their world-record-breaking dance marathon on LIVE. And at 11:30pm ET (8:30pm PT) tonight, watch Robyn kick off the OMAs live. It’s all gonna stream RIGHT HERE tonight. O-ppreciate it!!!

Fact: Choreographers are almost always CUTE. Evidence? Meet OMAs dance party marathon stepmaster Joseph Corella. 'Nuff said.

John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.