Netflix Canceled “One Day at a Time” and Fans Are Furioso

"ODAAT was the first show that showed me it is possible to be myself without feeling ashamed."

If you are a fan of quality television, today is a dark, dark day. In case you have been sleeping behind Lydia’s curtain, you have probably heard that Netflix has canceled One Day at a Time after three seasons.

Just last month, Gloria Calderón Kellett, one of the series’ showrunners, took to Twitter pleading for fans to tweet their support, and save One Day at a Time from cancelation.

Sadly, the campaign was not successful, but that did not stop fans from taking to Twitter today, this time to voice their anger over the streaming giant canceling their favorite show. #SaveODAAT quickly started trending, and was the number one trend worldwide within an hour of news of the show’s fate.

Scroll through below to see some of the best tweets from fans expressing their anger over the cancelation, and why the adventures of the Alvarez family meant so much to them.

Here’s hoping Lin-Manuel Miranda can work some magic and find the series another home:

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