One Direction’s Harry Styles Buys “Gay” Art, Penis Drawings

 Harry Styles and Hayden Kays
Harry Styles, the “cute one” in One Direction, has certainly been the subject of gay rumors. But this one may be the oddest: The boy-bander  dropped more than £22,000 (or $33,000) on original artwork by artist Hayden Kays, including a piece of paper with the type-written sentence “If I wasn’t straight I’d definitely be gay.”

E! News reports Styles (above with Kays) bought 20 pieces in all, including 32 crude drawings of penises, and other typed notes reading “69% of people find something dirty in every piece I produce” and “I think about sex every sex words.”

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Apparently all the pieces are one-of a kinds: “They are not prints. They are all done on the same typewriter. Each piece is hand-typed and produced,” a source tells E!. “The artworks show a level of sentiment and love and affection. They are social commentary and involve mind games. They have a theme of love and sex.”

Hmm, maybe they’re for Harry’s mum?
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