One Direction’s Liam Payne Praises Duck Dynasty’s “Family Values” In Bizarre Tweet

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Liam Payne of One Direction must be smoking the good stuff: The 20-year-old boy-bander took to Twitter yesterday to tweet his “huge respect” for Duck Dynasty and the family values of Phil Robertson and his family.

You remember Phil Robertson, right? The guy who compared homosexuality to bestiality in a GQ interview, and declared that a woman’s vagina was “more desirable” than a man’s anus.

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Unsurprisingly, the media reported on this bizarre proclamation—bizarre because a British boy-bander isn’t exactly the target demo for a homophobic reality-series patriarch and his faux-redneck clan—which led to Panye lashing out about being “judged” and exhorting journalists to “write about things that actually matter.”


So Payne takes to a public soapbox like Twitter, shouts to the world that he loves the Robertsons’ family values, and then is outraged people responded? Why tweet something if you don’t want people to notice? (Of course, the minute the press stops covering Payne’s every move is the minute he’ll start freaking out.)

And, dude, what is with the abysmal grammar? We know Twitter isn’t exactly English class, but you don’t “behold” values.

Liam sorta kinda backed away from his Duck admiration in a followup tweet

It was just last week the One Direction member was seen standing on the ledge of his high-rise apartment building. Seriously, 20 quid says Payne checks into rehab for “exhaustion” next week.

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