One Million Moms “Ships Its Pants” Over Kmart Ad: WATCH

Ship My Pants

The haters at One Million Moms are at it again—this time over Kmart’s pun-tastic viral ad:

The entire commercial’s dialogue has various people saying ’ship’ or ’shipped’ instead of the s-word, including a family, a child, a Kmart employee, a senior-citizen couple and other customers shopping in the store.

Normally, we do not provide a link since One Million Moms does not want to contribute to this filth being spread around even more, but we made an exception this time to show how ridiculous and disgusting this ad really is.

Please send Kmart an email letter requesting they cancel their new “Ship my pants” commercial immediately!

You can just hear them clutching their pearls over this one. Meanwhile, the rather benign, albeit sophomoric ad (below) has garnered almost 13 million views since it was launched online April 10. A spokesperson for the company said the spot will start airing on television on “select cable networks.”