This OnlyFans Bottom Will Do Anything to Get Elizabeth Warren on Top

Kenny Benjamin is putting the "cam" in campaign fundraising.

The race to determine the next Democratic presidential candidate is heating up, but one Elizabeth Warren supporter is particularly hot and bothered by it, and he’s putting his ass on the line—literally.

Meet Kenny Benjamin, a gay New Yorker who was featured in a recent segment of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah for his impassioned approach to raising funds for the Massachusetts senator’s presidential bid. His MO? Cam sex. Anyone who can provide proof of a donation to Warren’s campaign can score one month of free access to Benjamin’s $9.99-per-month personal porn account.

“I love Warren,” Benjamin told Daily Show correspondent Desi Lydic, who interviewed him with wide eyes as the two cozied up on his couch. “I love her policies. So I give free access to my OnlyFans account, where I post videos of myself having sex, [redacted], [redacted] play, [redacted] on a Domino’s pizza.”

Kenny Benjamin.

The 25-year-old tells NewNowNext he had no idea his fundraising tactic would blow up like it did. “Like any self-respecting gay Aries, I love clout,” he says, “and when I tweeted my original tweet, I never expected it to take off to the level it did.”

Why, exactly, does Benjamin love Warren so deeply? As a Type 1 diabetic approaching age 26 (when he’ll no longer be covered by his parents’ insurance), he’s totally here for the health insurance he’d receive under her health-care plan.

He’s also doing a bang-up job of using his platform to support Warren. Benjamin told Lydic that since launching his cam-paign last Wednesday, he’s raised more than $6,000 in donations from “people who literally want to see my butthole”—and hopefully also want to see a woman in the White House.

How’s that for direct political action?

Benjamin adds that the results of this week’s Super Tuesday primaries—which saw former Vice President Joe Biden emerge as the current frontrunner for the Democratic Party’s nomination and Warren massively underperform at the polls—have him “super bummed.”

“Warren is strong as hell, put up an incredible fight, and had an honest, fact-filled campaign,” Benjamin says. “I will support Warren until she tells us to stop. But after Super Tuesday, I think Biden is going to come through to snag the nomination, which is something I don’t think anyone saw coming.”

He also stresses the importance of voting—especially for members of the LGBTQ community, who historically don’t have the best turnout rates at the polls. According to a November 2019 NewNowNext analysis of voter data from the Williams Institute at UCLA, any Democratic frontrunner could beat Trump in 2020 if all unregistered LGBTQ voters nationwide registered and cast their ballots.

“Our voice is one of the most powerful things we have [as queer people],” Benjamin says, “and our community has the power to flip this country around. But we have to vote.”

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

So, has Team Warren expressed their gratitude for Benjamin’s efforts and dedication? “I haven’t been in contact with the Warren campaign directly, but I’d love to be,” he says. “Warren has been vocal in the past about decriminalizing sex work. However, I understand that reaching out to me in regards to this isn’t the best look for her campaign.”

Still, the self-professed “Warren 2020 stan” hopes she’s seen his, um, hard work and that she finds it entertaining. We sure do.

Watch Benjamin’s Daily Show debut below.

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