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Demonstrators Gather Outside Supreme Court, As Justices Hear Oral Arguments In Masterpiece Cakeshop Case

Justice Kennedy reportedly asked questions about protecting religious freedom.

Demonstrators gathered outside the Supreme Court this morning, rallying on both sides of the LGBT anti-discrimination case before the high court.

As justices heard opening arguments in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, LGBT activists and allies gathered in a #OpenToAll rally outside the court


When the plaintiffs, partners David Mullins and Charlie Craig, exited the Supreme Court, they initiated a chant of “Love wins” throughout the crowd.

Craig told the crowd, “We don’t have an agenda. We just want to be treated equally.”

His mother, Debbie Munn, also spoke about how hard it was to witness her son be discriminated against by Masterpiece owner Jack Phillips.

The support didn’t stop in DC: Small businesses across the country have been displaying #OpenToAll signs to show their support for public accommodation laws

Members of the conservative Family Research Council also gathered in support of Masterpiece owner Jack Phillips, using #JusticeForJack as their rallying cry.

According to early reports, Justice Kennedy asked if a baker putting a sign up that he wouldn’t serve LGBT customers might be “an affront to the gay community.”

Kennedy, who could very well be the swing vote in the case, also raised a point about hostility toward religious freedom.

Meanwhile, Justice Elena Kagan wondered about whether a hairstylist a makeup artist could refuse service, claiming their services were also free speech protected by the Constitution. “Why is there no speech in creating a wonderful hairdo?”

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