Oregon Couple Loses Ad Lawsuit


The Oregon couple who sued when a consortium of pharmaceutical interests used their wedding photograph, without permission, in an ad determined to show how “out of touch” the AARP is when it comes to Social Security Reform (blatantly lying about the AARP’s possition on gay rights, natch) has lost their case.

The couple sued for $25 million. Last year, they lost in an Oregon court. They appealed, and today they lost again.

I followed this case from the start, not because I was certain they’d win (their legal case was always probably a bit of a stretch), but because this struck me as truly a new low in political activism. Take someone’s real wedding picture and using it in an campaign to undermine the rights of the people in question? I mean, the mind reels! Who’s really that despicable? In order to make an ad such as this, you literally have to view gay people as sub-human, like an ant or a rock, incapable of any feeling.

And don’t get me started on the ad’s outrageous notion that loving gay couples are somehow the opposite of patriotic soldiers! (But…love verses war…tells you a lot about the priorities of today’s right-wingers, alas.)

Even though they lost, I’m glad Rick Raymen and Steven Hansen, the couple in question, sued, because of the attention they called to those who committed this reprehensible act. If it’s any consolation to Rick and Steven, I firmly, absolutely believe in something called karma. I can only imagine the kind of people who would want to associate with the makers of this ad. And I am certain these folks will spend the rest of their lives making each other miserable.