Oregon Tops The Nation In Hate Incidents Since Election Day

The Southern Poverty Law Center found the state at the top of the list on a per capita basis.

There have been a scary string of hate crimes in the name of Donald Trump since Election Day: And a new study from the Southern Poverty Law Center counts 867 “hate incidents” in the ten days after the election—though many incidents were undoubtedly unreported.

According to the SPLC, Oregon topped the list in incidents per capita—the state ranked 10th in the nation overall, with 33 incidents reported, but it’s much smaller than the nine states above it.

An incident had to take place in the real world (i.e. not social media) to count, and most took place in schools, stores and other public locations.

hate incidents
Southern Poverty Law Center

The report also claimed a majority of the incidents were targeting black people and immigrants, which it blames on Trump’s fear-mongering campaign.

“Both the harassment since the election and the energy on the radical right are the predictable results of the campaign that Trump waged for the presidency,” the report indicates, “a campaign marked by incendiary racial statements, the stoking of white racial resentment, and attacks on so-called ’political correctness.'”

reed college

A bathroom in Reed College in Portland was covered in racist, homophobic and pro-Trump graffiti a week after the election.

h/t: Willamette Week

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