Out Boxer Orlando Cruz Could Be The WBO’s Featherweight Champion

Orlando Salido (left) vs Oralndo Cruz (right) on October 12th

We’ve covered gay wrestlers in the news lately, but we haven’t heard much about gay boxer Orlando Cruz since mid-summer. Well it turns out he’s doing pretty okay for himself, and is now preparing for his chance at the world crown.

Somehow I have a feeling that crowning won’t look anything like this.

As ESPN notes: Cruz’s coming out was met largely with warm acceptance, and after proposing to his boyfriend, this punishing pugilist has climbed his way to the top of the competition.  When asked how he plans on defeating his opponent, Orlando Salido, the 20-2-1 fighter responded: “I will win because of my experience, I am very, very hungry… My main edge is I am very intelligent in the ring.”

If Cruz wins the October 12 match against Salido for the featherweight belt, he will be boxing’s first openly gay title-holder.

But whether he claims victory or loses gracefully, Cruz plans on marrying his fiance some time after the bout. He also plans on making New York City his home base next year.

Let Philadelphia have Rocky.


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