Pulse Nightclub Owner Plans To Reopen In New Orlando Location

A memorial will be discussed this month at a town hall meeting.

More than a year after the mass shooting that left 49 dead and many more wounded, Pulse owner Barbara Poma is seeking a new location to open a nightclub with the same name, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Poma, who initially considered reopening Pulse on site, is now scouting potential locations “somewhere in central or urban Orlando,” a spokeswoman says.

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Shortly after the attack, Poma launched the onePulse Foundation in an effort to help victims and build a memorial. Plans for this memorial will finally be discussed in a town hall meeting held September 13.

The foundation will also post an online public survey seeking input about the future of the original Pulse site, which became a magnet for grief, vigils, and makeshift remembrances.

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Poma vowed last summer to reopen the club as a tribute to the victims. “We just welcome those families into our family, and we just have to move forward and find a way to keep their hearts beating and the spirit alive,” she told Today. “We’re not going to let someone take this away from us.”

Orlando marked the tragedy’s official June 12 anniversary as “Orlando United Day,” a day of scheduled remembrances, including events on the Pulse property.

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