Orson Scott Card isn’t the only homophobic, wackjob sci fi writer out there

Author Orson Scott Card has a well-documented history as a vicious homophobe (the man believes anti-gay laws should be kept on the books to use against us if we act up) and a game based on one his works is currently the target of a boycott.

Card now has company in the thankfully relatively empty Hall of Homophobic Sci Fi writers in the form of John C. Wright, author of The Golden Age and a Nebula Award nominee.  

Upon reading the SyFy Channel’s promise to be more gay-inclusive after receiving a failing grade from GLAAD, Wright penned a Livejournal entry titled More Perversity and Diversity in the Future! in which he ranted about gay people, saying such things as: 

I am hoping, of course, that future shows
will also portray sadomasochism and bondage in a positive light — we
are all looking forward to FLASH GORDON’S TRIP TO GOR, I hope. Love
affairs with corpses, small children, and farm animals will also be on
display in a natural nonchalant fashion in the new raft of progressive
shows, titles such as I DREAM OF STINKY, PEDERASTY JUNCTION, and OLD
MACDONALD HAD A SHEEP — but no Mormons, whose moral standing we all

are you willing to tolerate sexual perversion but not racism? In a
world with no standards, what makes a malfunction of love higher on
your standard than a malfunction of hate? Is an irrational lust and
longing to mimic the mating act with a sex with which one cannot mate,
at its root, any more or less disconnected to reality than an
irrational fear and hatred of a Negro? How do we know race-hate is not
genetic? Look at how scorned and put-upon racists are! Can we spare
them no cheap Leftist pity? Why don’t we simply call racism an
alternate anti-ethnic orientation, similar to hetero-toleration, but

other news, Timothy Leary will be giving Sci-Fi an "F" grade for
failing to portray drug abuse positively. Castro and Pol Pot will be
giving Sci-Fi an "F" grade for their show BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, which
portrays the mass slaughter of innocent human beings in a negative
light. Dean Martin will be giving Sci-Fi an "F" for failing to portray
drunkenness as life-affirming. Don Juan will be giving Sci-Fi an "F"
grade for failing to have a show that portrays serial adultery in a
positive light — but Don gives BATTLESTAR GALACTICA an "A" for
sleeping with robots. Uncle Screwtape reminds me the any form of sex
that is sterile and selfish wins the approval of the Lowerarchy.

It’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but it’s ugly to read nonetheless. (As for Wright’s actual writing, here’s hoping his books aren’t as obvious, tired, and overwrought.)

After getting roundly criticized, Wright pulled down the post, but not before someone had already copied it. Wright did later follow up with another post where he "apologizes" for some of the nasty things he said about us ’mos and mocks those who think it’s his religion that makes him an unmitigated bigot.

Because it’s totally not the Catholic Church that made him a bigot. It turns out he was a bigot long before he became religious! Besides, the Catholic Church is so not bigoted against gay people and he quotes Church catechism (basically "love the sinner, hate the sin") to prove it.

As for his actual apology, Wright quotes the Church’s flowery words about treating us with respect including no marriage, no sex, no children, etc, and then says:

This language is certainly more temperate than when I called them perverts. I was wrong to use such hurtful words: I freely admit this in public and humbly beg for your pardon and forgiveness, but if I were not a Christian, nothing could have planted the seed of doubt or self-doubt in my iron heart, and not even a team of wild horses could have dragged that admission from my stubborn teeth. Someday Christianity may make me fit company for human beings, my brothers, and you are vastly deceived if you think this religion is making me more irrational, rather than less.

Newsflash, Mr. Wright: Most of us don’t care why or when you became a bigot, and the Catholic Church is one of the most horribly bigoted institutions in the world no matter how you try to spin it. 

As for Christianity making you "fit company", clearly that won’t be the case as all Christianity has taught you thus far is to dress up your hatred, ignorance and bigotry in prettified language that is no less hurtful than the garbage you spew. Trust me, most of us saw through the Catholic Church a long time ago. 

You’d think after having lived this long, I’d longer be surprised that people "smart" enough to write books, could be this staggeringly ignorant, but you’d be wrong!

BTW, if you missed the BEST.GAY.WEEK.EVER! you missed your chance to vote Mr. Wright Asshat of the Week, an honor he richly deserves.