Giddyup! Orville Peck Announces Surprise Summer EP “Show Pony”

The queer country crooner has kept busy during quarantine.

Orville Peck may have had to postpone his spring tour due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing some new tunes.

The mysterious masked man has been keeping busy by treating his fans to livestreams from home, playing acoustic versions of his songs and gabbin’ with celeb fans like Margaret Cho and John Waters. Back in April, he debuted his latest single, “Summertime,” his first new song since he released his debut album, Pony—along with a gorgeous music video for the tune.

Earlier this week Orville announced that he would be dropping a new song, “No Glory in the West,” on Friday, May 29, the same day that his collaboration on Diplo’s country album, Snake Oil, hits streaming. As if that wasn’t enough, today on his social media the masked singer revealed he would be serving his fans their summer sadness soundtrack with a new EP, Show Pony.

It will be out June 12, containing previously released tracks “Summertime” and “No Glory in the West,” along with additional songs yet to be unmasked.

Move over, Chromatica, this is the news us country music fans needed going into this gloomy summer.

Last year Orville sat down with Gay Times to talk about being an openly gay in the country music scene—and he had the surprising response that the genre is “super gay.”

“The drama. The storytelling. There’s so many incredible figures in country that gay dudes would die for, because it’s pageantry, almost,” he explained. “With country music, there’s a long legacy of camp-ness, storytelling and flamboyance with costumes, wigs and rhinestones. Just look at Dolly Parton, she’s practically a drag queen.”

Giddyup, cowboy!

I write about drag queens. Dolly Parton once ruffled my hair and said I was "just the cutest thing ever."