The Death Of A Trans Woman Pits Her Chosen Family Against Her Family Of Birth In “Os Sapatos De Aristeu”

"I asked him to be himself away from me... and he obeyed."

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When a transgender woman dies, an argument arises over how she should be buried: As the person she is or the person she was born.

The Shoes of Aristeau/Pret A Porter Films

Brazilian filmmaker René Guerra’s Os Sapatos de Aristeu (Aristeu’s Shoes) opens on trans women carefully attending to the body of their friend Diana (Gretta Starr) before her funeral. But when Diana is returned to her family for burial, her bereft mother cuts her hair and smears off her eyeshadow, determined to “bury her as a man.”

Will Diana’s biological family put their judgement aside so her chosen family can pay their respects?

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