My Fiery Reaction to the Oscar Nominations

daniel day-lewis lincoln

Mr. President, here’s your Oscar

The 2013 Oscar nominations were announced just moments ago, and I have feelings about them. Because I am an Oscar-loving fool, I have actually seen a lot of these movies—I will go see anything if it has Oscar buzz—and now my heart and mind and buzzing with responses.

Here are my first reactions to this year’s Anointed Ones. What are YOUR thoughts?

It’s time for Beasts of the Southern Wild

Y’all, this is such a good movie. And it got a best director nomination, which is a total surprise. Throw in the noms for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Actress for little Quvenzhane Wallis, and you’ve got a serious contender. Just a few minutes ago, a lot of people were counting it out. I’m so happy about this.

People also love Silver Linings Playbook 

Which they should! This is one of my favorite movies of the year, and I am SO glad to see it get so much attention, including a surprise Best Supporting Actress nomination for Jacki Weaver. (I’m not sure her role is meaty enough to merit an Oscar nomination, but hey… I’ll take it.)

FUN FACT: Silver Linings Playbook is the first movie to get nominated in all 4 acting categories since Reds got tapped in 1982.

Sorry Ben Affleck and Kathryn Bigelow!

I’m really shocked they didn’t get best director nominations… especially since their movies are both really good. Both of those movies had seemed like challengers for Best Picture, but now, even though they got nominated in that category, they have no chance.

Emma Stone and Seth McFarlane’s comedy show? No.

I understand that you want to make the nominations your own, Seth McFarlane, as a way of staking your claim to the ceremony when you host it next month. But was it really necessary to tell such stupid jokes this early in the morning? Can’t we just hear the nominees? And why drag poor Emma Stone down with you? It’s bad enough that she has to promote Gangster Squad.

Sorry John Goodman.

Love ya, John. You were really great in Flight and Argo. Maybe next year.

Adele! Yay! Sorry Katy Perry!

Adele’s “Skyfall” is the first top ten hit to be Oscar-nominated in a LONG time—since Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”—and I really hope she wins the award. I’m sad that Katy Perry didn’t make the cut with “Wide Awake,” but at least they actually nominated more than two songs this year.

Despite everything else, this is still Lincoln’s year. 

Let’s not get it twisted. Lincoln is going to win everything. My guess is that it’s only major loss will be Best Supporting Actress, since Anne Hathaway will probably take it there. But otherwise: Get ready for Tommy Lee Jones, Daniel Day-Lewis, Tony Kushner, Steven Spielberg, and the Ghost of Lincoln Himself to accept awards.

Mark Blankenship wants to hang out with Sally Field and Anne Hathaway over a pitcher of sangria. He tweets as @IAmBlankenship.