Our 10 Dream Emmy Nominations of 2013


Emmy nominations are just a day away, and you know what that means: It’s time to get our prayers in order. Before the noms are released, we’re voicing ten of our biggest hopes for Thursday morning’s announcement. Be sure to add your own, because these are only the first ten I needed to share. Phew. I’m already feeling better.

1. Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Matt Czuchry, The Good Wife


Here’s what I look for in a dependable dramatic presence: sternness; eyebrow-shiftiness; the ability to wear fine suits; adorable Fisher Price Little Person eyes; hair the color of fresh Wheat Thins; saucy rapport with Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, and Archie Panjabi. The man who fits the bill is Matt Czuchry, and as Cary on The Good Wife he’s dealt with a whole bunch of annoying b.s. this season (including being beat up by Kalinda’s ex’s henchman). I’m sick of Czuchry being left out of this series’ annual Emmy coup.

2. Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Anna Chlumsky, Veep


Veep is excellent, and one of the reasons for that is Anna Chlumsky, who is both a fine straight man character and harshy hilarious as Amy. She is scary and ruthless and necessary to Selina’s pseudo-sanity. Since Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a shoo-in for a Lead Actress nom (if not win), why not throw some love Chlumsky’s way too?

3. Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock


Yes, I’m a Jane Krakowski/Jenna Maroney superfan, but this year Jenna and her mile-high delusions need superfan support more than ever. She missed a nomination last year, and this time’s her last chance to snatch Emmy gold. Krakowski deserves it for Jenna’s final episode arc alone, when she tried out a cameo on Law & Order SVU and feared all the pretty people at the Los Angeles airport.

4. Actress in a Drama Series: Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel 


Bates Motel is such a weird show, and not just because it’s a prequel to Psycho set in the present day. Tonally it weaves between a claustrophobic family drama and an eerie small town caper, and while I don’t think the show resolves that schism well enough, star Vera Farmiga is always a hair-raising, harried spectacle as Norman Bates’ mother Norma. She has secrets, as well as unknown motives — and her mystery and sheer strangeness make her a one-of-a-kind dramatic character: a kooky Clytaemnestra who shops at Charlotte Russe.

5. Guest Actress in a Drama Series: Jane Fonda, The Newsroom


This is the likeliest of the nominations I’ve listed so far, but let’s take time to make sure it happens, ’k? Jane Fonda invigorated The Newsroom with hotter stakes when she appeared as CEO Leona Lansing, a demanding and menacing doyenne with designs to tank Will McAvoy. No one but the Klute legend could gamely deliver a parable about Jesus and Moses that ends with the line, “’Look. You wanna play golf or you wanna f*ck around?” An icon, everyone!

6. Guest Actress in a Comedy Series: Sarah Jessica Parker, Glee


I’m not even a regular Glee watcher, but even I could see that SJP’s version of “Let’s Have a Kiki” (coupled with “It’s Turkey Lurkey Time”) was downright fabulous. So unexpected! So charming and cool. She sold that Scissor Sisters bravado, and I especially loved her chirped proclamation of “I’m gonna let you have it.”

7. Guest Actress in a Comedy Series: Melissa Leo, Louie


Did. You. Effing. See. This? Melissa Leo rocks your world, frightens you, stuns you into submission, and rearranges your skull with this raunchy and insane part on Louie. She’s a knockaround girl who keeps revealing wilder sides, and soon it’s almost too much to bear. Gay slurs come into play. And then it’s not play anymore. And I’m getting disturbed just thinking about it. I thought nothing could be better than Joan Rivers’ Louie cameo, but Melissa Leo’s Oscar-winning chops simply blow you and Louie away.

8. Guest Actor in a Comedy: Patrick Wilson, Girls


For me, Girls’ second season was uneven, but one undisputed highpoint was Hannah’s episode-long dalliance with the dapper and devastating Patrick Wilson. Half-naked ping pong? Vulnerable conversations? That face? The Little Children star brought it all to Girls while seeming unfazed by Hannah’s sudden conniptions and outbursts. Loved that damn episode.

9. Supporting Actor in a Made-for-Television Movie: Rob Lowe, Behind the Candelabra

Now this? Is probably going to happen. In a movie about a decadent superstar and his rhinestoned child bride, Rob Lowe somehow stood out as the freakiest part of the show. His twitchy stare? His highly medicated expression? His zany voice? He was a plastic surgeon with a head full of helium, and we loved him for it. Plus, from certain angles he looks like Wendie Malick.

10. Reality-Competition Series: American Idol

American Idol had a disastrous season for ratings, but from most other perspectives it was a worthy phenomenon: Candice Glover is the show’s most talented winner since Kelly Clarkson (seriously, think about it), Nicki Minaj’s honesty was generally refreshing (I’m serious!), and we even got an openly gay singer in semifinalist J’DA. That glittery dreamer. Miss him already.

Your turn. Who deserves a nomination?