Our Favorite Fake “American Horror Story” Season 4 Teasers: PHOTOS

 american horror story circus

On Monday we shared some (probably fake) teasers for American Horror Story Circus, what some claim will be the theme for the show’s upcoming fourth season.

If you’re like us, you’ve been imagining future conceits for AHS to explore—the possibilities thrown out online range from the plausible (American Horror Story: Roswell) to the absurd (American Horror Story: Bridalplasty).

Below, check out some of the “promotional posters” we’ve found for American Horror Season Season 4, coming in October.

AHS: Bigfoot

Is Zachary Quinto hairy enough to play a misunderstood-yet-murderous Sasquatch?

AHS: Slenderman

Evan Peters might not be tall enough to play the popular internet meme, but the season sure would give us some terrifying nightmares.

AHS: Carnival

A variation on Monday’s “Circus” theme, this one zeroes in on the Tod Browning Freaks connection.

AHS: Britney Spears’ Circus

You better work, bitch.

AHS: Spice Girls Reunion

Well this one doesn’t even make sense—the Spice Girls aren’t even American.

AHS: Gay Marriage

Maybe if the show moved to Fox News.

 American Horror Story: The Library

american horror story the library

No. words.

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