Out Rugby Hunk Casey Conway Tired Of Hearing “I’ve Never Been With A Black Guy”

"There was a lot of casual racism."

Former National Rugby League player Casey Conway recently came out to the public as a gay man, and now the pro athlete and model is giving more details on his past “double life.”

Conway said not only did he spend a lot of time hiding from the presumed judgements of his teammates about his sexuality, but he also had to accept feeling judged for being an indigenous Australian.

“There was a lot of casual racism,” said Conway. “People would say things like, ‘You’re hot for an Aboriginal guy’ or ‘I’ve never been with a black guy.’ I’d think, ‘You know that’s not a compliment?’.”

Conway’s work as a youth development coordinator for a small non-profit in Queensland has made him aware that LGBT youth have to deal with these issues and a lot worse.

“There are young people out there hearing comments like that and they’re questioning themselves. I know what it was like to be in the country and think, ‘Oh sh-t, I think I’m gay.’ At that time there wasn’t really a big push in the media for equality. I’ve worked with kids who are homeless because they’ve been kicked out of home when they came out [as gay]. They’re suffering not only because they don’t have a home, but because of their mental health and a raft of other issues.”

h/t: Towleroad 

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