Out Singer Lots Holloway Wants You To “Slow Down” In Her Gorgeous New Music Video

"The only time we have is now, and you’ll miss it when it’s gone.”

former X-Factor contestant Lots Holloway dropped the video for her latest track, “Slow Down,” which is also the title of her new EP. “It’s a song about being present in every moment; about not rushing or wishing your life away,” the out lesbian tells 1883. “The only time we have is now, and you’ll miss it when it’s gone.”


That’s some pretty mature thinking for a 23-year-old, but Holloway’s already lived a few lives: Doing The X Factor UK in 2012 was great exposure, but it also forced to be something she wasn’t. “We were portrayed as a certain type of music and a certain type of people,” Holloway says of being part of the dubstep duo MK1. “it wasn’t what either of us wanted to do, at the heart. Now Ive gone back to the path I should have been on the whole time.”

She’s also being true to herself about her sexuality: During her X Factor days Holloway came out as bi, but she says she was pressured to do so by her management, “to avoid alienating a mainstream audience.”

But as an out gay woman, she’s truly found her voice: “Being who I am with the music, it’s just better to be honest.”

The video for “Slow Down” sees her fully-clothed in a bathtub and walking through city streets.

“I realized that trying to find happiness in the attainment of material possessions or by reaching significant milestones in our lives, we miss every other opportunity for happiness along the way,” she tells Diva.

“I was hit by this intense notion of fear that I’d be disappointed looking back at my life when I’m older if I didn’t capture every single second and every experience and just savor it for what it was. I wrote the song as a reminder for myself, and for everyone else that time is fickle, life is a gift and happiness is a state of mind.”


If you love “Slow Down” and want to sing along, there’s a lyric video, too.

Trish Bendix is a Los Angeles-based writer.