Exclusive: OutCinema’s Lineup of Queer Films Will Teach the Children at WorldPride

The annual film series announces three new screenings during Pride month in NYC.

Pride Month can be an exhilarating, if exhausting, seemingly endless parade of parties and literal parades. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break and escape into a dark theater to watch the life of queer characters on the screen.

So listen up, cinephiles: This marks the fourth year NYC Pride, in partnership with NewFest and SVA Theatre, has announced OutCinema, a lineup of screenings and conversations June 17-19 in New York.

“With the success of last year’s multi-day format for OutCinema, we’re thrilled to continue with the same structure for WorldPride 2019 | Stonewall 50,” said NYC Pride Executive Director Chris Frederick. “This year’s film selections focus on diverse perspectives from our vibrant LGBTQIA+ community.”

Wig/NewFest/Yifu Chien

Three films will be screened during this year’s OutCinema: Sundance hit Adam, ball documentary Deep in Vogue, and New York drag doc Wig. Special Q&As with cast and filmmakers will follow each screening, along with open bar after-parties.

“Given the momentous occasion of WorldPride 2019 | Stonewall 50, we’re delighted to showcases stories from New York City to a global audience with Adam and Wig, honoring our dynamic metropolis at its queerest,” said NewFest Director of Programming Nick McCarthy. “And with the vivacious U.K.-set documentary Deep in Vogue, we witness the ways that NYC’s vibrant culture and creative modes of expression—such as the ballroom scene of the ’80s—have inspired pride throughout the world.”

Adam/NewFest/Yifu Chien

The opening night film, Adam, premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. It follows an awkward high schooler, Adam, who spends the summer of 2006 in New York City with his cool older sister, who is highly engaged in the queer activist scene. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Rhys Ernst and select cast.

Tuesday, June 18, is the East Coast premiere of Deep in Vogue, an electrifying documentary inspired by the ’80s ball scene in New York City, focusing on the personal and political stories behind the thriving Northern Vogue ball scene in Manchester, U.K. The film will be followed by a Q&A with the directors, Amy Watson and Dennis Keighron-Foster, and moderated by special guest Twiggy Pucci Garçon (Kiki, Pose).

The final night of OutCinema features a screening of Wig, a documentary exploring “the origins and the influence of the historic Wigstock festival through rich archival footage, as well as providing a look into the contemporary drag movement that the festival served as a foundation for. Wig is a celebration of New York drag culture, and those personalities and performances that contribute to the ways we understand queerness, art, and identity today.”

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Chris Moukarbel, Lady Bunny, “and more surprises!”

Pass the popcorn and grab your tickets on the WorldPride OutCinema website.

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