Outspoken Adam Lambert Leads the OUT 100! Plus, Wanda Sykes, Cyndi Lauper, Will Young, Ongina & More!

The heads of the big gay “Class of 2009.”

The annual roll call of the queer who’s-who and who’s been sassy beyond belief in 2009 known as the OUT 100 has been unleashed on the public, officially. Ready?

Gracing the cover of OUT Magazine for this annual celebrity handjob/tribute is… Adam Lambert, Wanda Sykes, movie director Rob Marshall, legend Cyndi Lauper and “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” warrior Lt. Dan Choi.

And f-word happy Adam Lambert has some great quotes in his profile…

Glambert on fame & pleasing gays:
“I’m doing the best I f*cking can, you know?” Adam Lambert asks, as if there’s any way to satisfy all his critics or fans, none of whom even knew his name a year ago.

On his American Idol performance:
“It’s about making a good TV show. I just wanted to be really careful that it didn’t turn into a f*cking pageant. I can sing my face off. All this other stuff is part of a personality, a persona.”

On coming out:
“I didn’t want to acknowledge [being gay] as a mistake or something I was ashamed of — I’m not. It’s part of who I am, but because our nation is the way it is, it’s an announcement. If I lose some fans, f*ck it. I need to be happy too.”

On sexuality:
“To some people, me being sexual is really offensive because I’m gay. They’re like, ‘He’s being really gay.’ And I’m like, actually, ‘No, I’m just being sexual.’ Male sexuality is frightening to America [but] female sexuality is all over the place.”

Adam Lambert: Breaking out, breaking it down…

You can view all of the fab photos and read the profiles on Out.com. It’s got a big high-school superlative theme. Cute. But I know you just wanna see some visuals, so scroll down and peek after the jump for more fab pics of Wanda Sykes, Cyndi Lauper, Will Young, Bebe Zahara Benet and more!

More hot shots (by Jason Bell) from the OUT 100 roster…

Brainy-looking British pop star Will Young.

Bigtime lesbian comedian Wanda Sykes.

Broadway stud and heart-warming activist Gavin Creel.

Bloggers Pam Spaulding (of PamsHouseBlend.com) and Arjan Timmermans (ArjanWrites.com)

RuPaul’s Drag Race sweetheart Ongina.

Painter Kehinde Wiley & RuPaul’s Drag Race champ Bebe Zahara Benet.

And everyone’s favorite gay-loving pop-icon godmother, Cyndi Lauper.

Also in the OUT 100: Neil Patrick Harris, Kelly McGillis, Lee Daniels, Barney Frank, Scott Evans… The list goes and on and on…

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