Tracer’s Girlfriend Introduced In New “Overwatch” Comic Book

The red-hot game now has its first gay character.

Overwatch is one of the hottest releases of the year and, for Christmas, Blizzard is giving queer gamers a special treat: The game’s first canonically gay character.

In a new holiday-themed web comic, we see Tracer celebrating Christmas with her girlfriend, Emily, and their gorilla pal, Winston.


In the comic, the speedster is worried she won’t be able to get Emily a present in time, but the situation resolves itself in a sweet way.

Fans have been busy speculating about a queer character in the franchise, with many assuming it was Russian badass Zarya.


“It’s very important for us to have diversity and inclusiveness of all types and that includes LGBT characters,” lead writer Michael Chu told fans at BlizzCon last month.

In a November interview with Kotaku, Overwatch designer Geoff Goodman confirmed there was a queer character but said the company didn’t “want to just be weirdly heavy-handed” with presenting them.


“We have comics and a bunch of other media to show this. We don’t want to force something in the game that is just going to feel like it’s in people’s face. We don’t want people to be like, “This just doesn’t make sense.” In the same interview, artist Rachel Day hinted that the character would be revealed “soon.”

overwatch tracer

Honestly, we didn’t think she meant THIS soon!

As for the haters who will undoubtedly freak out about LGBT representation in their favorite new game? We’ll let Twitter user Anne Munition respond.

h/t: The Mary Sue

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