Would You Wear Padded Underwear?

Rounderbum hopes the answer is "yes."

A nice butt is a great asset when it comes to attracting potential suitors, but would you be willing to get a little help from your underwear if you weren’t blessed with a bountiful booty?

Rounderbum is here to assist you with its underwear that contains hidden padding made of flexible polyurethane that conforms to your body in order to help fill out your backside.

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Other styles swap out the padding for bands that actually lift your butt and give it the support that gravity has been trying to destroy.

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But the company is branching out beyond butts to help you increase your package size as well, with removable padding to help keep you looking thick in all the right places. The “before” picture in the post below shows the model crying in despair, while the “after” photo shows his package so enhanced that he can’t even pull his jeans back on. Now that’s an improvement.

The company also sells men’s shapewear, including compression shirts that help tone your upper body.

Rounderbum had a booth at Los Angeles DragCon earlier this year, and you can learn more about the company’s products here.

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