Panti Bliss, “Your Favorite HIV-Positive Drag Queen,” Tackles HIV Stigma In New PSA

"HIV used to be a short hop, but now it's a long haul."

Irish drag icon Panti Bliss discusses her own desire to live a healthy, full life as an HIV-positive person in a brand new public service campaign called HIV101.

The campaign marks a new partnership between Gilead Sciences, the pharmaceutical company that makes Truvada, and Positively UK.

It’s targeted toward people already living with HIV and promotes habits of healthy living to improve the HIV-positive community’s length and quality of life.

In the video, Panti takes over a safety demonstration on “HIV Air” to speak over the constant Grindr alerts in the cabin.

“I’ve been HIV-positive for over 20 years, and I’m aging gracefully” she says.

“It is so important people living with HIV feel comfortable talking to, and working alongside, health professionals to plan for their lifelong journey. HIV can speed up the ageing process so it’s essential to seek advice in order to take the best route for the journey ahead. I’ve lived the life I wanted with HIV for over 20 years and do not intend to stop now!”

Check it out below:

h/t Attitude

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