Hundreds Of Dancers Join #PantsuitPower Flashmob For Hillary

"We dance for Hillary because she fights for us."

Decked out in colorful pantsuits, hundreds of dancers gathered in New York City’s Union Square to celebrate and show support for Hillary Clinton with a #PantsuitPower flashmob.

pantsuit power 2

Likely inspired by the nominee’s penchant for vibrant suits, partners and filmmakers Mia Lidofsky and Celia Rowlson-Hall led the charge in organizing and filming the phenomenal tribute, which was set to the Justin Timberlake hit “Can’t Stop The Feeling.”

pantsuit power 3

The flashmob features voguing, breakdancing, flips, spins, cartwheels, ribbon-twirling and loads of joy as people from all walks of life worked it out to express their love for Clinton.

“We dance because every vote matters,” a message at the end of the video reads. “We dance for Hillary because she fights for us.”

Check it out below.

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