New Papal Gay Scandal Involves A Bathhouse, Bears (The Gay Kind)

Clearly not a member of the cloth.

Clearly not a man of the cloth.

We may not be the most religious people in the world here, but we are loving this whole papal election business if, for no other reason, the amazing gay sex scandals. Well, scandals is far too strong a word, but the gay stories we are getting to hear.

First, word in the Vat (that’s what we call Vatican City) was that Pope B (Benedict) was stepping down over a gay sex scandal. Then came the amazing news that Pope B may have been shedding his robe for the super hot cardinal Georg Gänswein (he could get it). Now, we arrive at the spot where all gay scandals eventually end up — bathhouses.

According to  La Repubblica, the Vat dropped 30 large (million) on some apartments next to a bathhouse called Europa Multiclub. A GAY bathhouse.

The batthouse is all about this too, hosting “papal-themed bear nights.”

So basically, this means everyone is going to the bathhouse all the time. The end.

Has that white smoke started to rise yet? Because the longer this conclave lasts, the more stories we are going to get. And these are gold.

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