Paris Hilton And Weezy Drop Extended Teaser of New Jam, “Good Time”: LISTEN

There is no one on this planet more punk than Paris Hilton. She’s the bad girl par excellence, who did it all before Kim, Lindsay or Amanda—and her entire life is basically one big TV Party. “Good Time,” her new song with Lil’ Wayne (which has been teased before) is way more house than rock, though.  And we’re feeling it!

Yes, the heiress is auto-tuned to all Hell, and the video already looks like something out of a fever dream in Ibiza, but its profanity-laced lyrics are endearing:

“I’m fucked up, I can’t tell you what’s what / All she know is suck, fuck. / I walked up to a big butt, and asked her ass but what / Tunechi never slacks without her button up,” raps Weezy over a tasty ’90s rave-synth hook.

Get ready to hear this song played at every nightclub after its official release on October 8.