Paris Hilton Returns To Music With “Good Time,” Builds Recording Studio And Nightclub In Her House: WATCH

If you thought Paris Hilton was having a good time on The Simple Life, wait till you see her latest music video: “Good Time,” the Hilton heiress’ much anticipated collab with Lil Wayne, dropped today—and could easily become the dance anthem of fall 2013.

NewNowNext sat down Miss Paris to get the goods on the song, the video and her return to music seven years after releasing Paris in 2006. “I actually built a recording studio in my house,” she tells us, “A lot of producers and artists fly in. I built a nightclub next door, too, so we have fun in the nightclub and then go next door to the studio and make music.”

Oh yeah, sure. We have a recording studio in our house too—it’s called the shower.

Above, Paris talks about the video’s concept, growing her Paris Hilton-brand stores, and what a sweetheart Lil Wayne is (who knew?) Below, catch the “Good Time” video itself.