Parker Young Tries To Repel Us By Upping Douche Factor, Zachary Quinto Likely Misses His Eyebrows: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Max Emerson wants koala farts, Darren Criss visits an old Warbler friend, Kerry Degman shows importance of pullups

Maybe because I’m old and out of the loop, but are the whole “koala farts” thing a thing? I see it a lot. And if it’s a thing, why is it a thing?

If I want to warm up before work, I can run around a parking lot

Pre-show warm up.

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I always loved the tallest Warbler, and it’s nice to see Darren still hangs around with his background dancers

I don’t think that Parker could reach a douchey level that I wouldn’t bone him

Speaking of hot guys I have no chance with, here’s Matt Doyle serving perfect chest hair

Another from the brilliant @lukefontana. Had so much fun shooting with him.

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I wonder how much Zachary misses his eyebrows?

penultimate beyond spock finds his light.

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One of my favorite erotic pictures of all time was Kerry Degman’s back, with a skateboard tossed over it. He wasn’t wearing pants in that photo, but the back is familiar

A lot of pullups later

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He just looks incredibly uncomfortable wearing clothes. I hope he doesn’t do it often

So is Neighbors 2 going the cameo route?

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