Last Night Gay Twitter™ Found Out It Had Been Catfished By A Ghost Twink Named Parks Denton

"What kind of 'Twin Peaks' finale bullsh*t is this?"

Usually when you wake up and open Twitter it’s to see what crazy tweet Donald Trump sent out while you were asleep or to find out the latest celebrity gossip for the day.

But if you opened this Twitter this morning, and you are even remotely associated with Gay Twitter™, then you probably saw one name pop up in all of the tweets in your feed: Parks Denton.

Who is Parks Denton? And why were the gay twitterati suddenly obsessed with him?

For those of you who don’t have the time or energy to investigate the mystery of who or what Parks Denton is, here’s the short version:

A fake Twitter account of a cute “otter” named Parks Denton had been following various gay guys on Twitter for months. He had conversations with them, and even agreed to meet some out in the real world for drinks—never showing, obvi.

Then last night his profile vanished and Gay Twitter™ clutched their pearls, knowing that they had been catfished by a ghost twink with a strong jawline.


Scroll through below to see some of the best and funniest tweets trying to sort through all of the Denton drama—but fasten your seat belts because it’s one crazy ride.

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