Pat Boone: “SNL” Cast Are “Satan Worshippers” For Making Fun Of God

"This skit was outright sacrilege."

Singer Pat Boone is calling out NBC and Saturday Night Live as anti-Semitic and anti-Christian for a skit they aired this past weekend that poked fun at his latest film, God’s Not Dead 2.

Boone’s film tells the story of a public school teacher, played by Melissa Joan Hart, who is persecuted for answering a student’s question about Jesus. To parody the film, SNL created God is a Boob Man, a mock-trailer for a movie that depicts a young baker, Vanessa Bayer, who is being forced by a Jewish ACLU lawyer to declare that “God is gay.”

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter Monday, Boone opened up about his hurt feelings and the “diabolical” nature of SNL’s parody.

“God has a sense of humor. Why else would he invent the porcupine and the giraffe?” Boone began

“Something can be devilishly funny,” he continued, “but this skit is diabolical. God has only one real enemy—Satan. Satan ridicules faith, and they’re taking Satan’s side.”

“They’re also ridiculing me and the film, telling impressionable young people not to see it because it’s ridiculous. Then they throw in that the lawyer is Jewish to make the Christian look even worse, but it’s just anti-Semitic.”

Boone is especially hurt because he claims to have been a fan of SNL for much of his life, having even been asked to host the show in its early days. He declined their offer, though, as the cast could make no promises about not making fun of his family or his faith.

“I asked them to promise that they wouldn’t make fun of my faith or my family, and they wouldn’t do it, so I declined. I know they would have treated me like a complete sap,” he admitted.

“I used to love SNL. I’d record it every week. It’s gotten filthy, though, so no more.”

The actor-singer also thinks the cast’s decision to pick on Christians was a cowardly choice they knew they could get away with, claiming that political correctness keeps other religious groups off-limits.

“This skit was outright sacrilege. They know if they did this to Muslims they’d have to be put into the witness protection program,” he said.

“There’s nothing sacred at SNL—except maybe the words ‘Mohammad’ or ‘Allah.’ They’d never take those names in vain, but when they called God a ‘boob man,’ they took his name in vain.”

Check out the original trailer for the film and its mock-trailer below!

The trailer for God’s Not Dead 2:

The SNL skit, God is a Boob Man:

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