Governor Pat McCrory Insists Caitlyn Jenner Must Use Men’s Shower In North Carolina

“If you’re in our schools, if you’re a man, you’ve got to go to the man’s locker room."

If there’s one thing you can say about Pat McCrory, the North Carolina governor responsible for signing the state’s anti-LGBT HB2 into law earlier this year, it’s that he doesn’t give up.

Despite facing an avalanche of criticism from people calling him out for supporting the heinous law, which allows discrimination against gay people and forces transgender citizens to use the bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificates, McCrory won’t back down.

The Republican governor, who is fighting for re-election next month, continued to stand by his decision in a televised debate against his Democratic opponent, Attorney General Roy Cooper.

McCrory, who is trailing in the polls, insisted that the “bathroom bill” needs to be enforced, and said the same rules would apply to Caitlyn Jenner if she were to visit the state.

“If she’s going to shower at a facility at UNC-Chapel Hill after running around the track, she’s going to use the men’s shower,” the governor declared.

Meanwhile, Cooper is vehemently against HB2, and at one point asked, “Governor, what planet are you on?”

“HB2 has to be repealed. It writes discrimination into our law and it has been a disaster for our economy,” Cooper said. “This legislation was passed in one day and signed in the middle of the night, but Governor McCrory continues to go across the state saying it is not hurting our economy, he attacks businesses who are opposed to it and says everything is going fine.”

Watch a clip from the debate below.

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