Patti LaBelle Goes OFF On Disrespectful Fan: “I’m Not Nicki Minaj Or Little Miley”

Do NOT cross Lady Marmalade.

Patti LaBelle was performing in Vancouver Friday night when she invited a few fans on stage to dance with her.

But when one guy took things too far, unbuttoning his shirt and asking her to spank him, she put him in his place right quick.

<> on December 4, 2014 in Washington, DC.

“Don’t you dare, not on my stage,” she exclaimed. “Didn’t I say I was 71 years young? I am not Nicki Minaj or that little Miley. Get off of my God darn stage, bitch—and STAY off!”

The singer then had security remove the would-be stripper.

As if anyone needed reminding, you do not disrespect Miss Patti LaBelle. Watch below.

h/t: TMZ

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