“Crocodile Dundee” Star Paul Hogan Backs Marriage Equality In Australia

Good on ya, mate!

When he’s not fighting giant crocodiles, actor Paul Hogan is fighting for marriage equality in Australia.

The star of the ’80s classic Crocodile Dundee spoke out in support of same-sex marriage while at the Tour de Cure Snow Ball event in Sydney over the weekend, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

“There is an opinion that Australians are more tolerant and more open, but you don’t have gay marriage here yet, do you?” Hogan asked. “Why not? Isn’t that stupid?”

JB Lacroix/WireImage

The actor went on to criticize the government’s plan to hold a national plebiscite in order to decide on the issue.

“If gay people want to get married, we shouldn’t vote on it,” he said. “Just let them get married, for Christ’s sake.”

Hogan ended his speech by denouncing homophobia, adding that “Australians need to learn to mind their own business.”

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