Gay Moviegoers Are HERE For Paul Rudd And His Beard In “Ideal Home”

"Paul Rudd with a beard is my new religion."

The Internet is all abuzz about beardy Paul Rudd in the just-released trailer for Ideal Home.


In the movie, Rudd plays the husband of TV chef Erasmus (Steve Coogan), who becomes even more difficult than usual when a heretofore unknown 10-year-old grandson lands on their front door. Coogan looks sweet in his cowboy get-up in the trailer, but it’s Rudd and beard that has gay moviegoers feeling parched.

“I want to live in Paul Rudd’s beard,” said one fan on NewNowNext’s Facebook post. “Paul Rudd lookin’ mighty hot, though,” added another.

“Paul kept the Ant-Man body, and added a sexy Gay Beard…”

The thirst tweets continued to pour in on Twitter.




Ideal Home is expected to hit theaters on June 21.

Lamar Dawson is a pop culture junkie living in Manhattan.