Peaches Sashays With Burlesque Legends In “I Mean Something” Video

"I’m not a person who has a secret life; I want it to be open."

Peaches’ latest visual masterpiece, the music video for “I Mean Something,” is an ode to the burlesque legends of yore and features cameos from superstars in the scene.

peaches i mean something 3

In the video, directed by Silas Howard, the Canadian rocker strikes pretty poses with striptease icons like Kitten Natividad, Satan’s Angel, Tiffany Carter, Dusty Summers and Shannon Doah. BFF Margaret Cho even stops by with a quick surprise, donning her crocheted nude suit from “Dick In The Air.”

peaches i mean something 2

“I’m not a person who has a secret life; I want it to be open,” Peaches told Pitchfork last month. “I’m not afraid to express that pleasure, but it’s also really misunderstood.”

Daria Marchik

Check out the video for “I Mean Something,” below—and listen for guest vocals by Feist.

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