NOW: Overseas Schlong Sizes Revealed


Time to book a trip to Hungary! If you were planning on backpacking around Europe anytime soon and were curious about the penis sizes of the European population, we have the map for you. A new infographic (what lucky person conducted this survey?) shows us the average penis size –- in centimeters mind you — divided by country.

Hungary comes in first place with an average of 16.51 centimeters (6.5 inches you ignorant American, you) and France comes in second with 16.01 centimeters.  Italy is still a fun place to visit at 15.74 cm, although we may have to rethink any trips to Spain with its 13.85 average. Poor Romania and Ireland round out the bottom of the list with respective 12.73 and 12.78 cm averages.

The Irish curse lives on.

See the delightfully detailed dick map here.

Penis Size Across Europe [Unicorn Booty]