Pentagon Bans LGBT Websites For Being Too Gay

Gay books next?

That better not be a gay book… (Photo: Universal Pictures)

If anything endangers American freedom it’s evil gays and their evil gay agenda. And how do you protect freedom? Censorship, of course.

AMERICAblog reports that, in addition to their own site, access to certain liberal and LGBT-oriented sites—namely TowleroadJosh Seefried, and Daily Kos—is banned on Department of Defense computers. ’Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ may be history, but we still wouldn’t want our ranks to be influenced by radical homosexuals via the Internets.

The Department of Defense does, however, grant full access to the Web sites of noble truth-tellers Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.

According to no one, NewNowNext has stealthily slipped passed the DOD’s filters—which is fortunate because the ratings for Rupaul’s Drag Race are driven primarily by military personnel.