Pete Buttigieg Has Thoughts on Colin Jost’s “SNL” Impression

The presidential candidate got candid with Ellen DeGeneres.

During his appearance this week on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg got grilled in a segment called “Candidly Candid Candidate.”

With which other Democratic candidate would he want to be stuck on a deserted island? What’s the strangest thing he’s had to try on the campaign trail? What’s the most rebellious thing he did as a teenager? Buttigieg had an answer for everything.

He was also asked to rate, on a scale of 1-10, Colin Jost’s recurring impression of him on Saturday Night Live.

“I give it a 6 and a half,” Buttigieg said, noting that he and Scarlett Johansson’s fiancé actually attended Harvard together. “We were in the same dorm. I can just imagine some scenario where we were probably standing in line next to each other in the cafeteria. If you could’ve told us that he’d be playing me on SNL some 20 years later.”

Buttigieg also once again addressed right-wing radio host and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Rush Limbaugh’s recent comments about having a “37-year-old gay guy kissing his husband on stage next to ’Mr. Man’ Donald Trump.”

“I guess he just has a different idea of what makes a man than I do,” Buttigieg said. “I’m not going to take lectures on family values from the likes of Rush Limbaugh or anybody who supports Donald Trump, frankly. When I was packing my bags for Afghanistan, Donald Trump was working on Season 7 of Celebrity Apprentice.”

“Since when is strength about the chest-pounding, loudmouth guy at the end of the bar?” the former South Bend mayor added. “The strongest people I know are not the loudest people. They’re the ones who have the deepest sense of who they are, and what they value, and what they care about. And one of those people, by the way, one of the strongest people I know, is my husband, Brad Pitt.” He’s comin’ for your gig, Jost!

Watch clips from Buttigieg’s latest Ellen appearance below.

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