Pete Buttigieg Said No to Personal Styling by Tom Ford

The prolific designer texted Chasten to offer some "sartorial guidance."

Pete Buttigieg counts a number of celebrities among his supporters—including legendary designer Tom Ford, who says he personally offered the out politician some styling advice.

In a recent interview with Vogue, the 57-year-old fashion and beauty great gushed about his love for Buttigieg. Ford recalled meeting the openly gay Mayor of South Bend, Ind., at a small lunch early on in his candidacy. Naturally, Ford couldn’t help but notice that the Democratic presidential hopeful looked “smaller than he was” due to his choice of suiting.


Galvanized by his support for Buttigieg’s campaign, Ford (pictured above) claims he sent Mayor Pete’s husband Chasten a text offering to style the politician himself. Alas, Pete wasn’t so keen on the offer, and Ford never got the chance to lend his signature touch to the candidate’s wardrobe while on the campaign trail.

To his credit, Ford seemed nonplussed by the rejection.

“Obviously he can’t wear my clothes,” Ford told Vogue. “They’re too expensive, they’re wrong, they’re not made in America. And besides, whatever he’s doing is working. So does anyone need to fuck with it?”

Fair enough. Custom Tom Ford suiting probably wouldn’t have been ideal for Pete’s smorgasbord at last week’s Iowa State Fair, either.

Read Vogue’s full interview with Ford—in which the designer opens up about his family, his creative projects outside of fashion design and beauty and skincare development, and his love for news and politics—on the magazine’s website.

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