Peter Sarsgaard: Liam Neeson’s Giant Penis Is Impressive, Terrifying

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Peter Sarsgaard stopped by Conan to promote his latest film, Woody Allen’s critically adored Blue Jasmine, and talk quickly turned to Sarsgaard’s habit of getting naked in every film he appears in. But not, perhaps unsurprisingly, Allen’s Blue Jasmine.

The actor tweeted to his fans:


When asked to explain why he so frequently appears in the buff, Sarsgaard explained that he just doesn’t understand how some actors are always wearing boxers after sex, or walking around with a comforter covering their bodies. He then went on to talk about filming a nude scene with the very well-endowed Liam Neeson, a man model Janice Dickinson once described by saying; “He unzipped his pants and an Evian bottle fell out.”

So watch above as Mr. Sarsgaard describes the terror at being told on the set of Kinsey that he and “Evian Bottle” Neeson would be filming a sex scene they knew nothing about. Seems like Petey was a little afraid he might have to be the little spoon.

And, in case you were getting sad the Peter’s peter would no longer be appearing in films, he also has Lovelace coming out this week, and we feel pretty confident in saying he’ll be showing off the goods in that pic.