Pets On Parade As Part Of Sydney’s Largest Demonstration For LGBT Rights

Activists and their dogs came out to show support for marriage equality ahead of Australia's upcoming postal survey.

Nearly 30,000 people flooded the streets of Sydney over the weekend to show their support for marriage equality in Australia, but it was many of their pets that stole the show.

Event organizers said that the rally, which was held ahead of the upcoming postal vote on same-sex marriage, was the largest LGBT demonstration in Australian history. And while thousands of activists proved that a massive segment of the population is in support of marriage equality, it was their rainbow-clad dogs that helped to spread the word even further.

Pups of all shapes and sizes (and even a few cats) were a part of the march, and the cute photos were quickly shared across social media to help remind people that love is love—a message so simple that even dogs understand it.

Humans weren’t the only supporters at today’s #YesForEquality rally. Many four-legged friends turned up at Sydney’s town hall, showing their support for a yes vote for same-sex marriage. The #SydneySaysYes rally was the largest demonstration in favour of marriage equality the country has ever seen, with organisers saying more than 30,000 people attended. Forms for the same-sex marriage postal survey will be distributed on Tuesday with the question: "Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?". Voters will then have the option to tick a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ box. A result is expected on 15 November, followed by a vote in parliament on a private member's bill if there is a majority "yes" result. #MarriageEquality @amequality #loveislove #lovewins #loveislove#lovewins #voteyes #EqualityCampaign#australianmarriageequality#marriageequalityaustralia#marriageequalityforall #noh8 #lgbt #lgbti#lgbtqi #lgbtiq #marriageequalityau #equal#equallove #equalitynow #equalrights#equality #equality4all #equalityforall#voteyes #sayidodownunder#untilweallbelong #samesexmarriage #dogs #cats #animalsforequality Photo: @farnorthanimal

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Australia’s High Court heard arguments against the postal plebiscite last week, but ultimately decided it would take place as scheduled. The first ballots are going to be mailed out this week and the final results will be announced on November 15.

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