Parents Of LGBT Youth Come Out In Beautiful PFLAG Campaign

“The key for supporting a child is actually coming out yourself."

“The coming out process isn’t just about the child… It’s also for the parents.”

As part of a new #ParentsComingOut campaign, the 3M company and advocacy group PFLAG have collaborated on a powerful new video highlighting the importance of parental support and acceptance for LGBT youth, AdWeek reports.

“The key for supporting a child is actually coming out yourself,” says a proud dad who recommends sharing public support on social media. “That’s a huge piece.”

After acknowledging that parents aren’t always so understanding or supportive when children come out, in some cases due to concern and fear, the video shows a cheerful Pride display of positive personal messages from parents to their LGBT kids.

“Coming out as your authentic self is scary and takes a lot of courage,” says one mom. “You’ve got the strength to look for the people out there who can support you. So don’t give up hope. You’re special and you deserve to be loved.”

Parents of LGBT youth are encouraged to share their own stories with the hashtag #ParentsComingOut.

Watch the campaign video below.

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