Philippines Has The Fastest HIV Growth Rate In The Asia Pacific—How Can You Help?

The number of Filipinos with HIV is expected to nearly double by 2022.

Over the past seven years, HIV rates in the Philippines have increased more than 140%, and in May alone there were over 1,000 new cases of HIV recorded. While the Philippines health ministry has approved a two-year PrEP trial for gay men and trans women, resources for HIV testing and treatment remain essential.

Got Five Minutes?

Read up on the crisis, which Dr. Rossana Ditangco of the Department of Health’s AIDS Research Group called a “national emergency.” The United Nations AIDS report provides comprehensive information and statistics on the epidemic. Most notably, experts believe the number of Filipinos with HIV will increase from the current estimate of 10,500 (as of 2016) to 19,300 by 2022.

Dondi Tawatao/Getty

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Peace Corp’s Philippines Country Fund helps support volunteer efforts and community projects in the Philippines. While the group focuses on education development and youth empowerment, it’s also putting a concerted effort into HIV/AIDS health initiatives.

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