Photographer Travels Globe Looking For Gay Romance With “All Love Is Equal” Project: PHOTOS

Valentine’s Day is months away, but photographer Braden Summers is on a quest to capture gay love around the world with All Love is Equal, a project that will take him around the globe to record LGBT romance and  provide a visual identity to the community’s progress on a global scale.

Summers explains:

The rights of the LGBTQ community are expanding everyday; the progress is inspiring. France just legalized gay marriage, Prop 8 was repealed, DOMA was struck down and we have the world’s attention – be it positive or negative. This is an incredibly inspirational movement that is happening and I am proposing a creative project to provide a visual identity for said movement.

It is all too often that the LGBTQ community is misrepresented in the mainstream media, absent from the majority of major advertisements, portrayed in overly sexualized images (especially when it comes to gay men in particular), and sadly shown as a weak and powerless minority in foreign countries where it is dangerous to be recognized as gay, lesbian, transgender, or queer of any kind. I am proposing a series of photographs that are entirely relatable and easily digestible to the general public that focus on love. The aim of these images will attempt to soften the hate in the hearts of those with a strong prejudice against our people, it is to bring the aspirations of the rights of gays and lesbians outside of the western world higher than just getting them out of hiding or out of jail and actually to a place of acceptance.

The current plan is to shoot in Paris, Mumbai, Beirut, Johannesburg, Rio, New York and L.A.  Summers launched a Kickstarter campaign last month. (You can still donate through October 17.)  Though he’s met his $22,000 goal, additional funding will allow him to shoot additional scenes in Mexico City, Tokyo and Bangkok—and provide for security in regions where the safety of LGBT people is in jeopardy.

 View photos from the series below, and check out the All Love is Equal Kickstarter page here.

all love is equal
all love is equal


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