Photos: “A-List: Dallas” Premieres. It’s a Red-Carpet Rodeo!

“Most Shaggable Dallas?” Meet the Texas-sized A-Listers, y’all…

Last night at a big screening at the New York Television Festival, the world-at-large got a first peek at Logo’s news “housewives-with-balls” franchise. Clad in boots, blazer, buckles and some bad-ass rhinestoned high heels, the cast of “The A-List: Dallas” galloped up to the SVA theater on 23rd Street, and were met with flashbulbs, video crews, a hootin’-and-hollerin’ screening audience, and a pretty warm welcome overall.

As seen in the photos above, cast members Taylor, Phillip, Ashley, James, Chase and the big ol’ cowboy Levi posed for pics before the premiere episode was screened, sat in the front row blushing and gushing, and then hit the stage immediately after for an audience Q&A (moderated by yours truly! go figure!).

During the Q&A they talked about their families watching the show (some will; some won’t), how it felt to watch themselves on screen, and most hilariously, how they stack up to the cast of Logo’s other hot reality pulp-fest “The A-List: New York.” Taylor, the charming-as-pie but slyly-sharp-as-a-razor Gay Republican on the cast put it like this: “There’s no comparison. We’re younger, hotter, and have less wrinkles.”

Yee-haw!?? Let the “A-List” vs “A-List” hoedown/showdown commence!!!

If there’s ANYBODY who puts the “A” in “A-List: Dallas” it’s Ashley. Behold kids… A new Lone-Star star is born. Praise!

Anyway, enjoy the photos (many more after the jump)! And be a lil’ sweetheart and tune in to the big “A-List: Dallas” premiere on Logo, Monday night, October 10th at 11pm!

Everybody onstage for the big post-screening Q&A, y’all!!!! (And that’s me in the yellow shirt on the far right. I’m moderatin’, Dammit!)

Big, sweet, handsome (And when you see the premiere you might also say, “messy?”) James smiles onstage. You’re going to be following him closely… Go get ’em, Son!!!

Sassy, thy name is Phillip!

Taylor is the most charming and acerbically smart gay Southern gentleman you’re gonna find. Just don’t start talking politics, unless you love Rick Perry, George W. Bush and the GOP, folks. Red state realness, people!

Levi is the cowboy all the other boys love to love. A lot… Wait ’til you hear his crazy/coy laugh. This one is trouble personified, folks.

And while Phillip’s the flashy/sassy one, James is the big heartthrob, Levi is the cowboy, Taylor’s the clever politico, and Ashley is the pretty southern belle, this is Chase. He’s the smart one with the million-dollar wit, the low-tolerance for bullsh*t, and the most major hair in all of Texas. Consider it brought’n!

And just because… Here’s a little more Ashley for you. Note: She applied those rhinestones on to her Besty Johnson pink pumps HERSELF people. One at a time!!! Appreciate her!!!

And here’s one more big ol’ cast shot. Cheers, y’all!

And because you really need to see this… Here’s the “A-List: Dallas” trailer.


The big show premieres on Monday, October 10th at 11pm ET (right after part one of the “A-List: New York” Reunion Special); and then it airs every Monday after at 10pm ET. Chew on that, cowpokes!

John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.