Phylicia Rashad Gets Funky, “Dreamgirls”-style: Watch

Ms. Phylicia Rashad

So there’s this new NBC drama called Do No Harm premiering later this month. It’s a modern-day twist on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, about a neurosurgeon with a freaky alter-ego. Or some such thing. That’s probably an excuse for the strait-laced doctor to have freaky sex in the operating theater.

Anyway… the most important thing about this show is that it stars Phylicia Rashad. Phylicia Rashad! Back on NBC after all these years! Today, her co-star Lin-Manuel Miranda (the guy who wrote the Broadway musical In The Heights) tweeted this video of Phylicia on a break, singing “Steppin’ to the Bad Side” from Dreamgirls. (She was in the original Broadway cast, y’all.)

Can NBC please make a show where Phylicia Rashad just walks around being this awesome? I’d watch that TWICE A DAY.

Mark Blankenship is the same age as Rudy Huxtable. He tweets as @IAmBlankenship